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iPad Challenge for Autism
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Book Review by Tawania

Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: NyteBeauti by. Kristin Roisin

Review: NyteBeauti
Author: Kristin Roisin

The Blurb...

The epic journey of one woman's search for identity, belonging, and love.

When Desta awakens each evening, all she knows is that unquenchable hunger, and a familiar pair of gray eyes. Aside from that, she doesn't remember anything... yet.

It doesn't take long, before she finds herself thrust into the adventure of a lifetime (or several, as the case may be) as she dodges danger, experiences heartbreak, and ultimately, discovers herself, and true love.


I received this book from the author, and was excited to read it. This is Ms. Roisin's first published novel, and it was a very good read.

Desta awakens every night to a terrible painful hunger, and no memory why or how she has become what she is. All Desta remembers is a pair of grey eyes that make her feel safe. Desta is drawn to the same tavern every night, and she doesn't know why. She is sure someone is following her and her life is in danger. One night at the tavern Desta meets Cyrus, a hunter with a secret of his own, he attempts to take Desta's life, but realizes she is innocent and only wants to protect her. Then Desta runs into a man with familiar grey eyes, but she has no memory of him, and is afraid he is the one after her, so she runs from him.

Logan has been searching for Desta for over two hundred years, since the night he saved her from her abusive father and attempted to bring her over. The process was interrupted, and all he was able to grant her was immortality before she was taken from him. All he wants to do is protect her, and help her remember who she is. He's hurt and saddened that she doesn't remember who he is, and he recognizes that he will have to be patient and slow with her as she regains her former memories. Logan finally finds Desta again, and brings her to his home, and begins the process of helping her remember. As Desta remembers her past, she remembers the important role that Logan plays in it. She unconsciously looks up to him for guidance and protection even as she is falling in love with Cyrus. Cyrus doesn't trust Logan, but he understands to have Desta in his life he will have to get along with him.

Logan doesn't trust Cyrus, but his love for Desta causes him to accept Cyrus in her life. Logan knows he has to stay close to Desta to keep her safe, because whoever took her from him is still out there. Worse Cyrus's brothers and fellow hunters are after her too..

This story was epic in the sense that Desta experiences tragic lost and heartbreak, but she is stronger then even she knows and she survives it. I love that her character was unwittingly strong, but also very vulnerable. My heart ached for her tragedies and rejoiced in her triumphs. I loved Logan's character he was the perfect male hero. He loved Desta from the moment he saw her, and even after he searched for her for two hundred years his only mission is to make her happy. This was so endearing to me, because even though he was in love with her, he accepted that she wanted another and agreed for her sake. I liked Cyrus's character in the beginning, but I found him weak towards the end of the book. The secondary characters Alex and Morrigan were memorable and I really liked there loyalty towards Desta and Logan. Morrigan is a sexy Irish warrior woman Vampire, and Alex was a magic wielding vampire, and they did there parts in the book justice. They showed true friendship and courage. I would be interested to see what Ms. Roisin does with there characters in future novels.

All in all this was a very good read. There were a few parts throughout the book where I was confused, but the story flowed well together. I almost tore my hair out wanting
Desta to recognize Logan as her true love, but it had to happen at her own pace. This book also had a few unexpected twist that I was not prepared for at all, but they made the story all the more interesting.

If you want to read an epic love story that spans over three hundred years, and takes you on a emotional ride that will leave you feeling uplifted in the end. I recommend this book for you.

***4 Stars