iPad Challenge for Autism

iPad Challenge for Autism
Help a wonderful little boy named Malcolm, earn an iPad, to help him overcome his sensory issues, his speech delays and difficulties, and to help with his other therapies. Just click the linked photo, then click the piece you want, and enter MALCOLM DENNIS in the "Challenger's Name" text box, and check out! It's super easy!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Busy Busy Muse!


Between a 4 year old. An almost 2 year old. A husband. My Mary Kay Business. And life. "Me" time has be sparse at best! But, as the weather evens out, and the Midwest Heat wave is on it's way out, I find that my Muse is returning more and more. Regardless of what the little one's have to say about it. One of these days, they're going to learn that hard lesson. "My mom's muse is demanding. And she always gets her way." Haha!

That said, the laptop is getting dusted off, and the glorious white light that illuminates an otherwise darkened house keeps me company at night, as more and more words begin to fill my Word Document. Sentence by sentence. Paragraph by paragraph, Desta and Logan continue their journey, meeting friends, both old and new. How exciting is that? Is your mouth watering to learn who this new man in her life is? I know I am! And I love that Lady Desta has chosen ME to be her bard.

So, keep watching for more updates! And soon enough, there will be contests galore again, for your chance to grab a sneak peak before the rest of the world!