iPad Challenge for Autism

iPad Challenge for Autism
Help a wonderful little boy named Malcolm, earn an iPad, to help him overcome his sensory issues, his speech delays and difficulties, and to help with his other therapies. Just click the linked photo, then click the piece you want, and enter MALCOLM DENNIS in the "Challenger's Name" text box, and check out! It's super easy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Writer's Return

WOW!! Once again, I return, and my only excuse can be, "Life is just SO BUSY!" It's been a rather emotionally draining couple of months. So far, 2012 has brought about such a plethora of emotions, that most of the time, I'm not sure WHAT I'm feeling. Two dearly loved family members, have gone home, to be the Lord. And while my soul rejoices in that knowledge, my heart aches for just one more hug, and my mind attempts to wrap around the idea that this world no longer has two such wonderful people gracing us with their smiles.

BUT... as always, I square my shoulders, put on my game face, and push forward. Book two (I know this is what you've all been waiting on baited breath to hear about..) is well underway! Not as far along as I'd like, but definitely getting there. Book 1, was written when I had long evenings to myself, without worry or care. This time around, I'm afraid, Book 2 often get's put aside, to change a diaper, fix a lunch, tend a scraped knee or referee yet another squabble between brothers. ;) BUT, work IS being completed, and though I have no serious timeline created (as the power a 4 and 2 year old holds over time itself is astounding!!) I DO promise you that Desta, Logan, and the rest of the gang have NOT been forgotten!!

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