iPad Challenge for Autism

iPad Challenge for Autism
Help a wonderful little boy named Malcolm, earn an iPad, to help him overcome his sensory issues, his speech delays and difficulties, and to help with his other therapies. Just click the linked photo, then click the piece you want, and enter MALCOLM DENNIS in the "Challenger's Name" text box, and check out! It's super easy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"NyteBeauti" is Official!! (My first Blog Post!)

That's right! You read it right! The contract is signed, and we are officially on our way to print! We have now entered the "Pre-production" phase of the book, and it's starting to look like the release will be in, or around, six months from now, which gives us a late Fall/Early Winter release. Just in time for Christmas! Haha!

It's been a long 6 years. But to finally see it come to fruition, has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Of course, my kids, and my husband are. But this is such a personal achievement. I can't even begin to explain it. It's on such a personal level, so completely different from anything else. Even Childbirth, while I will always consider that one of my greatest, is completely different from this. I shared that with my family. It wasn't mine, alone.

This book though.... is MINE. No one held my hand through it. No one offered me pain meds when it got tough. No one picked up the pencil for me and wrote a chapter here or there. No one pushed a button, and turn off the writer's block when it happened. It was ME. Is that to say I didn't have inspiration? Or support? Absolutely not. I did. TONS of each. But what it comes down to is this. The story. The time. The effort it took to put it on paper, and transfer to digital media. To track down, research and find a reputable publisher, and bring us to this point.... That alone is MY achievement. And now, I can sit back, and watch as those who SUPPORTED me and INSPIRED me through the process remain ever so happy for me, and those who doubted, and said I couldn't, or even shouldn't do it, race to catch up.

As I said on my Fan Page... I will remember those who supported me.

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